COMMERCIAL SUD MALL AboutGalleryVideoLayoutDirectionPresentationContact UsAbout The average Sunset Resort 3, which is being built on an area of 4,550 square meters, SUD MALL Al Safwa Urban Development has constructed The mall offers shopping pleasure as there are all international brands and many restaurants and cafes...

Financial Hub

COMMERCIAL Financial Hub AboutGalleryvideosLayoutLocationDirectionPresentationContact UsAbout The launch of Safwa Urban Development – SUD latest and fifth project in the new administrative capital, ” Financial HUB ” the only approved design in the heart of the financial and business district in the newcapital, the project is...

Capital Hub

COMMERCIAL Capital Hub DescriptionGalleryvideosLayoutLocationDirectionPresentationContact UsDescription If you are looking for luxury, Capital Hub is a shopping center located in the most dynamic area of the new administrative capital on the front of Capital Heights 1 compound , on the central axis directly beside the diplomatic...

Capital Hub 2

COMMERCIAL Capital Hub 2 DescriptionGalleryvideosLayoutLocationDirectionPresentationContact UsDescription After the overwhelming success in completion of selling the first commercial mall in the New Capital (Capital Hub). Safwa Urban Development Company (SUD) is launching its 4th project in the New Capital “HUB 2”. The first commercial mall with...

High City Mall

COMMERCIAL High City Mall DescriptionGalleryvideosLayoutLocationDirectionPresentationContact UsDescription High City Mall on the Highest Hill of Obour city, on an area of 20.000 m 2 on the main axis of Obour city in front of Ahmed Orabi square, Fifth District entrance, and five minutes away from Golf...

Sunset Mall

COMMERCIAL Sunset Mall DescriptionGalleryvideosLayoutLocationDirectionPresentationContact UsDescription Sunset Mall is located at Sunset 2 Tourist Resort , which is characterized by privacy and a charming view of the sea Services:- Specialized medical clinics Pharmacies Specialized medical centers Shops and cafés International restaurants administrative Offices Gallery videos Layout...

Trade Center

COMMERCIAL Trade Center DescriptionGalleryDirectionContact UsDescription Trade Center is located at the center of Mansoura’s most prestigious commercial district, on Port Said Street and in front of “Dar Ibn Loqman”. The Tower was built over an area of 505m², with a design that reflects its commercial...

Alsafwa Medical Tower

COMMERCIAL Alsafwa Medical Tower DescriptionGalleryDirectionContact UsDescription AlSafwa Medical Tower was built in Nozha district of Mansoura on the opposite side of Ibn Sina Hospital to include doctors of all specialties, clinics, medical centers, and various other services. The tower works in parallel with AlNokhba Medical...

AlNokhba Medical Tower

COMMERCIAL AlNokhba Medical Tower DescriptionGalleryDirectionContact UsDescription In the heart of the Egypt’s medicinal capital (Mansoura city) and next to the oldest hospitals in Egypt, AlNokhba Medical Tower stands with its exceptional design keeping with the urban feel of the city. AlNokhba Medical Tower is located...


Capital Heights1

RESIDENTIAL Capital Heights1 AboutGalleryvideosLayoutLocationDirectionPresentationContact UsAbout Capital Heights 1 is the first project to join AlSafwa (SUD) family in The New Administrative Capital. Built on the principles and innovative concepts of smart residential life on an area of 50 acres, Capital Heights 1 provides a wide...

Capital Heights 2

RESIDENTIAL Capital Heights 2 DescriptionGalleryvideosLayoutLocationDirectionPresentationContact UsDescription Capital Heights 2 is one of the latest projects to join SUD family and its second project in the New Administrative Capital, built on the principles and innovative concepts of smart residential life with an area of 250,000m2, sportive...

High City

RESIDENTIAL High City DescriptionGalleryvideosLayoutLocationDirectionPresentation360 ViewContact UsDescription High City is an integrated residential compound, designed by one of the best architecture designers in Egypt (SABBOUR Consulting) on an area of 150,000 m². High City is strategically located in Obour city’s most vital area on the main...

The Pearl

RESIDENTIAL The Pearl DescriptionGalleryvideosLayoutLocationDirectionPresentationContact UsDescription Safwa Urban Development announces the launch of its new project in the new city of Mansoura, With 550 meters width directly on the Mediterranean Sea and on an area space of 60 acres and adjacent to marina yachts. Luxury apartments...

Alsafwa Elegance Tower

RESIDENTIAL Alsafwa Elegance Tower DescriptionGalleryvideosDirectionContact UsDescription Designed with a completely unique artistic vision, Al Safwa Elegance Tower brings together the premium residential units and the upscale administrative and commercial units of different spaces on total area of 1,240 m². One of the main features of...

Alsafwa Tower – Albatrawy

RESIDENTIAL Alsafwa Tower – Albatrawy DescriptionGalleryDirectionContact UsDescription Alsafwa Tower (Albatrawy) is a residential commercial tower with 40 residential units built over an area of 1,200 m². AlSafwa Tower is strategically located in Nasr city next to Genena Mall, consists of a commercial mall, gym and...


Sunset 1

Resorts SUNSET1 DescriptionGalleryvideosLayoutLocationDirectionContact UsDescription Located on the shores of the Mediterranean and in the most beautiful coastal seaside cities in Egypt, Sunset 1 Resort was constructed in the city of Ras Al-Bar right next to the Armed Forces club, becoming the first residential touristic resort...

Sunset 2

Resorts SUNSET 2 DescriptionGalleryvideosLayoutLocationDirectionContact UsDescription The unique architectural design of New Damietta’s Sunset 2 resort that mixes between authenticity, simplicity and elegance is what truly sets it apart. Buildings occupy as little as 22.5% of the total land area of the resort, and the residential...

Sunset 3

Resorts SUNSET 3 DescriptionGalleryvideosLayoutLocationPresentationDirectionContact UsDescription Overlooking the banks of the Nile at Ras Al Bar’s touristic Gerby area, Sunset 3 Resort was built over 131,000 m², making it the largest touristic residential resort in the city. The project that is made up of 5 mini...


Alsafwa International School

EDUCATIONAL Alsafwa International School DescriptionGalleryvideosDirectionContact UsDescription A first within the urban city of Mansoura, Al Safwa International School is located strategically, as it is easily accessible from any place inside the city providing our children with more security and safety. The school can be found...

Mavericks International School

EDUCATIONAL Mavericks International School DescriptionGalleryvideosDirectionContact UsDescription Established in accordance to the most advanced educational systems, Mavericks International School is considered the first school of its kind in the city of New Damietta. The school, which teaches all stages of pre-university school education, ensures your children...


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