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Sunset 4

Resorts SUNSET 4 DescriptionGalleryLayoutLocationDirectionContact UsDescription Sunset 4 Ras Al Bar is an integrated residential and touristic project that is located next to the Olympic Village. The project that spans over 65,000 m² includes a 20,000 m² club house for the owners, a swimming pool, a...

Sunset 3

Resorts SUNSET 3 DescriptionGalleryvideosLayoutLocationDirectionContact UsDescription Overlooking the banks of the Nile at Ras Al Bar’s touristic Gerby area, Sunset 3 Resort was built over 131,000 m², making it the largest touristic residential resort in the city. The project that is made up of 5 mini...

Sunset 2

Resorts SUNSET 2 DescriptionGalleryvideosLayoutLocationDirectionContact UsDescription The unique architectural design of New Damietta’s Sunset 2 resort that mixes between authenticity, simplicity and elegance is what truly sets it apart. Buildings occupy as little as 22.5% of the total land area of the resort, and the residential...

Sunset 1

Resorts SUNSET1 DescriptionGalleryvideosLayoutLocationDirectionContact UsDescription Located on the shores of the Mediterranean and in the most beautiful coastal seaside cities in Egypt, Sunset 1 Resort was constructed in the city of Ras Al-Bar right next to the Armed Forces club, becoming the first residential touristic resort...


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